Tuesday, 17. July 2012

The BM Social Media Check-Up 2012

How companies are adapting to the rapid growth of social media.

July 2012: The annual study was first launched in 2010, but even in two years, there are quite some significant changes on how the Fortune Global 100 companies deal with social media and how awareness and importance of the digital world has been recognized.

A short comparison

In 2010, 79 percent of the Fortune Global 100 companies have been using at least one social platform, although using them only for placing corporate messages. They were tentatively figuring put social media and adapting to the new world.

In 2011, the Fortune Global 100 started already engaging with users on social media. 67 percent of companies even engaged on Twitter with users using @mentions and 57 percent of companies responded to posts and comments on Facebook.

This year, companies are more comfortable using social media than ever and are adapting to new features and platforms rapidly. The Fortune Global 100 are now fully engaged in creating digital content.

Key learnings 2012

Here are the key learnings from the 2012 study:

1) People are talking about the Fortune Global 100 a lot

2) Video content creation is on the rise

3) Engagement is becoming second nature to companies

4) Multiple accounts on social media platforms allow companies to target audiences by geography, topic or service

5) Companies are adapting rapidly to new platforms.


Details about the 2012 study can be found here. 

A short overview (infographic) can be found here.

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