The Importance of Influencer Marketing
Thursday, 22. March 2018

The Importance of Influencer Marketing

As confidence in traditional advertising tactics continues to plummet, consumers are searching for new ways to find quality products. Now is the best time for companies to focus on influencer marketing.

Influencers in advertising are people who have earned the trust of thousands by way of strong online or in-person presence. They are not always celebrities, though individuals working in show business are usually the greatest influencers because of their international notoriety. Consumers whose opinions can persuade family members and friends to purchase products are influencers in their right because of their ability to leverage large groups.

Companies Should Treat Influencers Like Customers

You as a business owner do not want to simply find people with a large following online and have them advertise your goods and services. The best influencers are customers who provide honest reviews.

Paying a person of notoriety to give your company a good review online is the equivalent of an infomercial that highlights all of the positive aspects of a product without also pointing to the negative attributes. Such biased review is why consumers are turning away from televised commercials and to the rawness of social media marketing. Your influencers should be free to provide honest reviews to establish trust.

Measure Results

There are two ways to determine the success or failure of an influencer’s advertisement. You can either analyze the numbers of a campaign (quantitative) or the reputation that the advertisement gave your company (qualitative).

Analyzing the quantitative effects requires you to take a look at the number of unique views that an influencer’s post online receives. You can also measure an influencer’s quantitative value by implementing the word-of-mouth technique by asking customers who recommended your business. Keeping note of online and in-person effects helps you determine how much influencers impact sales.

Qualitative leveraging deals more in the area of your brand’s reputation. An influencer may share a post online about your company, but the review may not be pleasant. In this instance, your brand’s character is at stake, and the qualitative value of the influencer is low. You would need to do damage control in this case so that the bad press does not spread further.


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